Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New & Improved M/V Galapagos Legend

It's a great pleasure for us to inform you about the improvements made to the vessel M/V Galapagos Legend:

Beds are larger and more comfortable with new linens.
New decoration of the main bar, Neptune Bar.
Window cabins with UV protection.
Maintenance of propeller machines.
General maintenance of outer and inner areas.
Maintenance of fire detector and extinguishing system, hot and cold water.
Upgrading the air conditioning system in Neptune bar and on Balcony cabins with manual controller per cabin.
Upgrading the audio system.
General maintenance of furnishings.
Maintenance of sailing and communication equipment.
Maintenance of hull, propellers, shafts and the ship's steering.
General maintenance of the dinghies and outboards.

Easter Island & Robinson Crusoe Island

Easter Island is one of those wonderful places where you can enjoy amazing culture with a breathtaking landscape - a triangle-shaped island with a volcano in each corner. Here you can find Polynesian charm combined with a Latin taste. Come and live a millenarian culture that keeps its traditions alive with sculpture, food, costumes and celebrations. You will be able to experience their lifestyle in person.

A five-hour flight from Santiago, Chile will take you to this paradise full of legends and mysteries for you to discover. Easter Island, known as Rapa Nui by the locals, receives many visitors during February when the celebration of Tapati is held. Tapati is a 2-week celebration during which competitors and more than 50 events take place to decide the winning clan of the island.

Robinson Crusoe Island is one of the three islands of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago. A two-hour flight from Santiago, Robinson Crusoe is an exclusive and off-the-beaten-path destination that was declared a National Park in 1935. A unique ecosystem where flowers, birds and insects found an untouched land, including hummingbirds that can only be found in this part of the world. Out of 146 native species of plants, 101 are endemic. Robinson Crusoe Island is so amazing and unique that UNESCO declared it a World Biosphere Reserve.

Lost World Adventures can arrange your trip to Easter Island and/or Robinson Crusoe Island.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Honduras Political Resolution

Tegucigalpa, Honduras (October 30, 2009) – Four months after President Manuel Zelaya was relieved of power on June 28, the interim Roberto Micheletti government and Zelaya officials have come to a resolution to end the ongoing political situation in Honduras.

On the evening of October 29, in a U.S.-brokered deal, both sides agreed to a resolution that asks the Honduran Congress, with prior authorization by the Honduran Supreme Court, to approve Zelaya’s return to the presidency until the end of his term. Under the agreement, the candidate elected in the November 29 elections will take office as planned in January 2010. The international community has praised both Micheletti and Zelaya for their willingness to come to a consensus, and end four months of uncertainty in the country.

As a result of this resolution, the World Bank will resume all projects committed to prior to June 28, and the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa will begin issuing Visas to Hondurans within the next week. The Honduran consulates in the U.S. and throughout the world will also resume their diplomatic positions within the next week.
Meanwhile, the Honduras tourism sector continues to welcome visitors to its many tourist areas. Wholesalers, tour operators and hotels in areas such as Roatán, Utila, La Ceiba, Tela and Copán Ruinas are offering special promotions to visitors for the remainder of 2009 and continuing into the 2010 high season. With this resolution and its widespread acceptance in the international community, the travel alerts issued by many countries are expected to be lifted in the forthcoming weeks.
“The committal to this resolution is excellent news for the Honduras tourism industry,” stated Ana Abarca, Minister of Tourism for Honduras. “With this, travelers from around the globe should have no hesitation in taking advantage of everything Honduras has to offer. We very excited to welcome visitors back to our beautiful country.”

Honduras is located in the heart of Central America, encompassing over 43,000 square miles, making it about the size of Tennessee. It is only a short flight from the U.S.: two hours from Miami or less than three hours from Houston or Atlanta. Honduras features a 500-mile Caribbean coastline on its north and a 100-mile Pacific coastline on its south. Travelers can tour Maya ruins in the western highlands, explore an underwater paradise in the Bay Islands, engage in eco-tourism in the La Moskitia region, immerse themselves in the Garifuna or Lenca culture, and much more. Honduras borders on the west with Guatemala, the southwest with El Salvador, and on the east with Nicaragua.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lost World takes it on the road! Andrew and family are visiting Patagonia. For two nights we are visiting Remota a fantastic option in Patagonia near to the town of Puerto Natales. Engaging excursion, comfortable yet elegant surroundings and delicious food make it a new favorite. Here is a picture from the excursion today where we saw a dozen condors.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Penguin Promotion in the Galapagos

Low, low Galapagos cruise rates on Explorer II . Contact Lost World Adventures at or 800.99.0558 for a complete itinerary.

Suites only grace the 100 passenger Explorer II. Be assured that you'll receive the same level of services as on a smaller boat, with the luxury that a larger boat can offer.

Book before Halloween for rates below 2008's. Four day/three night cruises depart on Wednesdays and five day/ 4 night cruises depart on Saturdays.

Classic Suites are $1159 for 4 days, $1545 for 5 days, $2539 for 8 days. *
Premium Suites are $1275 for 4 days, $1703 for 5 days, $2790 for 8 days. *

* per person based on double occupancy

4 day/ 3 night itinerary departing the 14th and 28 of Oct, 18th of Nov, 2nd, 9th and 16th of Dec.
Arrival at Pto. Baquerizo Moreno airportTransfer to the Galapagos Explorer IIPM: Cerro Brujo, San Cristobal Island
AM: Punta Suárez, Española IslandPM: Gardner Bay, Española Island
AM: Charles Darwin station and Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island PM: Rabida Island
AM.: Playa Bachas, Santa Cruz islandTransfer to Baltra airport to take the flight back to the continent.

4 day/ 3 night itinerary departing the 14th and 21st of Nov, 5th and 12th of Dec.
Arrival at Baltra airportTransfer to Galapagos Explorer IIPM: Cerro Dragon, Santa Cruz Island
AM: Bartholome islandPM: Puerto Egas, Santiago island
AM: Punta Espinoza, Fernandina IslandPM: Punta Vicente Roca, Isabela Island
AM: North SeymourPM: Highlands and lava tunnels, Santa Cruz Island
AM: Visit to Lobería , Isla Lobos , Tijeretas , El Junco or Interpretation Center, San Cristobal island**PM: Transfer to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno airport.
8 day/7 night itinerary departs on the 14th and 21st of Nov, 2nd, 5th, 9th and 12 of Dec

NOTE:** Considering changes in flight schedules, weather conditions, and Galapagos National Park regulations we have considered some alternate programs that we may offer the first and last day of the cruise. The guides will inform regarding any variation.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mare Australis special promotional rates

The Mare and Via Australis are offering special low promotional rates for their 2009/2010 Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego cruises.

Promotional rates start at $840, per person (3-night cruise) and $1120, per person (4-night cruise).

Promotional departure dates:
3 nights (Ushuaia to Punta Arenas):
2009 - September 23, 30; October 3, 7, 10, 14
2010 - April 3, 7, 14

4 nights (Punta Arenas to Ushuaia):
2009 - September 19, 26, 29; October 3, 6, 10, 13
2010 - April 3, 10

Also offered are low-season rates for the folllowing 4 high-season 2009 departures:
3 nights - December 16, 19
4 nights - December 15, 19

All special rates are subject to availability. Contact Lost World Adventures for availability and a detailed itinerary. We specialize in customized adventure travel and can include an Australis cruise on your Chile & Argentina itinerary.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Holiday space in Costa Rica still available

As travelers are booking their holiday vacations to Costa Rica, we still have rooms available at two upscale lodges for holiday season - Lapa Rios on the Osa Peninsula and the Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa.

The Arenal Kioro is a beautiful 5-star hotel with excellent views of Arenal Volcano, its own private hot springs and a spa of the highest standards available in the Arenal region. All suites have two individual terraces with the best panoramic volcano and mountain view.

The world famous Lapa Rios eco lodge is set in a private nature reserve spread over 1,000 acres of Central America's last remaining lowland tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, Lapa Rios Ecolodge overlooks the pristine point where the Golfo Dulce meets the wild Pacific Ocean, a destination matching everyone's idea of paradise.
John and Karen Lewis first envisioned Lapa Rios a private nature reserve. The Minnesota couple was driven by a dream that required liquidating all their assets to finance the purchase of a large tract of rainforest and to build a small, supporting ecotourism project. A conservation easement elaborated by The Nature Conservancy and CEDARENA will ensure this primary forest be preserved in perpetuity, the land never to be developed. The 930-acre Lapa Rios Reserve helps buffer the Osa Peninsula’s Corcovado National Park and serves as a wildlife corridor.
Lapa Rios was designed in harmony with the surrounding forest and beach environment. The main lodge and bungalows line three ridges and are connected by walking paths and steps. Built over 350 feet above the sea, Lapa Rios catches the cooling tropical ocean and forests breezes. The main lodge and the Brisa Azul restaurant soar 50 feet above the sea and, like the private 16 bungalows, are built of locally harvested materials and have intricately woven palm thatched roofs. Climb the lodge’s three-story circular stairway to overlook the forest canopy and breathtaking ocean vistas. Comfortable, locally made bamboo furniture and huge private decks aid relaxation amidst pristine nature.

If you want to spend your year-end holidays in Costa Rica, book now while rooms are still available.

Atacama Skies - Observatory Adventure

Call Lost World Adventures to book an Astronomical tour of the Atacama Desert.

Renovated Galapagos Yacht Isabela

Periodically, all vessels need more substantial marine maintenance and need to be hauled out of the water. This is called a dry dock period, and Metropolitan Touring plans these for its vessels in order to keep them under top performance due to its intensive use throughout the year. Metropolitan Touring’s Yacht ISABELA II, which operates Tuesday to Tuesday Galápagos Expeditions, went through its regular dry dock works where various important improvements were made; all of these are done taking into consideration guest satisfaction, energy efficiency, safety, and assuring minimal environmental impact.
The Ship:
Significant repairs to machinery and equipment and general maintenance of the ship’s hull and structures
Change of shafts and complete overhaul of engines
Assembly of new rudder and steering mechanisms
Installation of two brand new generators that use state of the art technology and match environmental efficiency according to international standards.
A new sprinkler system was installed throughout the vessel to upgrade and monitor more closely its safety standards
General maintenance of the kitchen with new flooring, refrigeration systems and air conditioning.
Complete maintenance and overhaul of kitchen equipment
Public Areas:
Bar Lounge furniture received new leather tapestry and new upholstery.
Replacement of all dining room chairs upholstery.
New carpeting in: bar lounge, reception area, reading room, dining-room, stairs and hallway.
Jacuzzi: maintenance and overhaul of all systems, including pumps, filters and coating.
Guest cabins
New upholstery was installed in the furniture of the guest cabins, as well as new wallpaper.
Engine room staff had their cabin redone and properly equipped
Public restroom facilities, including showers, were thoroughly upgraded
Additionally, the ISABELA II now has a brand new Glass-bottom boat to discover the underwater realm of the Galápagos Marine Reserve, the second largest in the World.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Flowering Atacama Desert

If you combine the driest desert in the world and the seeds that have been landing for months and you allow just an hour of rainfall you will watch one of the most amazing spectacles of how life found her way. The desert ecosystem is known as arid and with a great lack of rain, but we know that every three to eight years the surface of the waters of the tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean will warm up, causing rainfalls in the most arid places, like our Atacama desert. Between the months of September and November, the miracle waters created a sea of flowers, where more than 200 species of an endemic character grows freely. This great quantity of flower allows the presence of birds, insects, little lizards all of them creating a new ecosystem. You can be one of the few that will be able to watch this marvelous display of nature and life, colours and textures, aromas and beauty all in the north of Chile, a land that will surprised you in every step you take. Come and live the experience!

New Year's Eve in Vina del Mar - A Night of Light & Gourmet Cuisine

14 miles of fireworks over the Pacific Ocean and shores, named one of the most amazing shows of this type in the world. New year on the sea is a festival of light and gourmet cuisine that the cities of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar provide every year. People gather from all over the country to come and watch this show, restaurants and hotels prepare a magnificent dinner and a great view to admire and wonder with the colours and forms of this great show; as a tradition, in different parts of Chile the firework show and dinners are imitated. The wine valleys offer a different way to spend new years eve, a great dinner a quiet night and the countryside, harmony will take you out of the noise and lights of the city, giving you a magnificent night in the company of your loved ones. Santiago, the capital, has great offers, many hotels organize special dinners and parties to celebrate the first hours of the New year. You decide if you want a quiet or active night, we provide a great service, a magnificent cuisine, the perfect view with the right music. Just tell us where you want it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lamanai Outpost Lodge - 50% off second guest

The Lamanai Outpost Lodge, located in the Maya Mountains of Belize is offering special 2009 rates on their Natural History Packages. First guest pays full package price - the second guest receives a 50% discount. Offer valid through the end of October 2009. Package prices listed below.

The simple but comfortable Lamanai Lodge can be your base for exploring the surrounding forest and wetlands. Commanding an excellent view of the New River, the lodge itself sits less than a mile from the Mayan ruins of Lamanai. Trails lead off from the lodge into the ruins, where there is a rich assortment of birds typically found in the tropical hardwood forests of western Belize and the Peten region of Guatemala. In the early morning, troops of chachalacas, toucans, aracaris, and parrots roam through the trees on the grounds.

2009 2-night packages from $500; 3-nights from $681, 4-nights from $864. Rates are per person, based on double occupancy. Include round-trip transfers Belize City-Lamania, Superior Garden-view cabana accommodations, meals and 2 standard activities per package night (3 nights = 6 activities).

Activities include: Sunrise Canoeing, Jungle Dawn, Lamanai Maya Ruins, Maya Jungle Medicine Walk, Sunset Cocktail Cruise, Afternoon Nature Walk, Evening Spotlight River Safari, Night Walk.

Accommodation can be upgraded (at addtional charge) to Lagoon View, Lagoon Front, Garden Suite (with A/C), Honeymoon Suite (with A/C).

Orinoco Delta, Venezuela

Now one of Unesco's biospheres, the Orinoco Delta has been recognized for its biological importance. The countless waterways are peppered with colorful birds, wonderful mammals, reptiles, fish and plants of great beauty. This rich ecosystem is where the largest river in Venezuela, the Orinoco (The Father of Our Land in the Warao language), meets the Atlantic Ocean along a 231 miles coastline.

The Orinoco Delta boasts species of great scientific and biological importance and here lives the ancestral culture of the Warao. Warao means "people of the water" and represents the second most populous indian group in Venezuela. Still living off of fishing, hunting, gathering of wild fruits and the farming of some products, the Warao are masters of weaving, using their artistic abilities to transform plants like the Bora, Mamure, Tirite and Moriche in renownl baskets, bowls, hammocks, hats and other artisan products part of their cultural richness.
Wildlife like the rare Manatee, the River Otter, the River Dolphin and the Crab-eating Fox; birds like parrots, toucans, the Scarlet and Blue-and-Yellow Macaws, the Rufous Crab-Hawk and the Muscovy Duck, reptiles like the Caiman and the Delta Lizard, and fish like the delicious Lau-Lau, the Cat Fish and the Coporo form the most characteristic fauna of the Orinoco Delta. Swamp jungles, mires, Moriche palms oasis, flooding savannahs and mangroves are the main kinds of vegetation.
The Delta Amacuro State covers 16,294 square miles and its capital city is Tucupita. Although mainly located in the Delta Amacuro State, it also claims small portions of Monagas, Sucre and Bolivar states. The Orinoco waters divide in two main courses. To the north, The Caño Manamo, which ends in the Gulf of Paria, and to the east, The Rio Grande, which ends in the Atlantic Ocean. There are not scheduled flights to this city but we easily access this region from Maturin in Monagas state or Puerto Ordaz in Bolivar State.
Our preferred lodges here include the Orinoco Delta Lodge combined with its wilder, little brother Simoina Camp and the Tobe Lodge. All are reached by boat and offer comfortable accommodations and activities like canoeing, visits to the indian communities, piranha fishing and jungle walks in order to fully experience this region.
Contact us to include the Orinoco in a customized itinerary of travel to Venezuela.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

20% Discount at Hosteria Las Torres

Book a Torres del Paine package at Hosteria Las Torres for travel in September or October and receive a 20% discount off retail package rates. Packages include transfers from Punta Arenas or El Calafate, Argentina, accommodations, meals and daily guided excursions.Call Lost World Adventures for program descriptions and rates.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


A 7-night Reef & Rainforest Adventure in Belize. The Lodge at Chaa Creek - Cayo, Rainforest & Chabil Mar Villas - Placencia, Reef

Why not let the jungles of Belize and her warm Caribbean waters offer a special stimulus package just for you? Maybe it's time to replace the constant barrage of news with an orchestra of bird song, and winter's hue with bright tropical flora. How about waking up to snorkeling in crystal clear turquoise waters, horseback riding to Maya Temples, or just lazing about in the hammock? Want to energize your senses, have the sun warm your spirit, and a colorful array of friendly people talk to your heart? Then drop out of Main Street and dive into an adventure where nature calls to your soul and excites your passion for a new beginning.
Your choice of 3 and/or 4 night stays at either resort

Package includes lodging in the Cottage Collection at Chaa Creek and Deluxe Oceanview Suites at Chabil Mar Villas, all meals, transfers from Belize International Airport to Chaa Creek and from Chaa Creek to Chabil Mar with a stop at Xunantunich Maya Temple; guided snorkeling trip, horseback riding and nature tours, unlimited use of canoes and sea sport equipment, swimming pools in both locations, and your own golf cart for exploring Placencia.

$2,297.00 per person
Valid until Dec 15, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

40% off Guatemala Luxury package

Through the support of our partners in Guatemala we are now offering a 7 Day Luxury Maya Mystery & Magic Tour of the Guatemalan Highlands for just $1085 per person - thats 40% off the normal rate
Valid June to November 2009

Itinerary includes:
Private airport-hotel transfers
3 nights in Antigua at the Palacio Dona Leonor, breakfast included
3 night at Lake Atitlan at the Laguna Lodge - Eco Boutique Lodge, breakfast included
Antigua Walking Tour
Private car and boat transfers between Antigua and Lake Atitlan
Round-trip transfers to Chichicastenango Market
Private full-day Lake Atitlan and village tour with lunch

Call Lost World Adventures for full itinerary details and possible trip extensions to Tikal.

Finch Bay Eco Hotel - Galapagos Islands

If Galapagos cruises are fully-booked or you prefer to spend your nights at a comfortable hotel, consider the Finch Bay Eco Hotel, located on Santa Cruz Island.

3, 4 and 7-night packages include airport transfers on the islands, accommodations, meals and daily guided excursions to other islands.

The recently renovated hotel now offers four new comfortable guestrooms with an area that is double the size of the current rooms, all with an ample private terrace with ocean view.

Guests of the beachfront Finch Bay Eco Hotel can choose to have a relaxing stay or take day tours aboard our Sea Finch Yacht to visit the smaller islands that are not accessible to larger vessels, hike to beautiful Tortuga Bay and Las Grietas, or try our very popular DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) which includes complete equipment, theory and practice plus one immersion in open water with the possibility to see sea lions, turtles, rays and sharks!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Carnival in Rio 2010

Special 5-night packages at two 4-star Copacabana hotels during Carnival - Feb 12-17, 2010.
Packages include private airport transfers, accommodations with breakfast, full day tour to Corcovado and Sugarloaf with lunch at a typical Brazilian barbeque restaurant.

Excelsior Copacabana - $1490
Plaza Copacabana - $1160
Prices are per person, based on double occupancy

Trip extensions can be booked to Iguassu Falls, Manaus, Salvador (Bahia), the Pantanal, or Argentina, Chile and Peru!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Galapagos cruise with Peru for free!

We are currently offering a very special promotion: Book a 7-night Galapagos cruise aboard the M/Y La Pinta and get a trip extension to Peru ...for free!

Highlights include: 8 day/7 night Galapagos cruise aboard the Motor Yacht La Pinta, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu.

2009 departure dates:June 26th & July 3rd

Call us at 800-999-0558 for a detailed itinerary and pricing.

Honduras resumes normal operations

Honduras Tourism Industry Resumes Normal Operations

After Early Morning Earthquake on Thursday hotels and attractions in tourist areas, including Roatán, are up-and-running

Tegucigalpa, Honduras (May 28, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.) – Following a 7.1 magnitude earthquake at 2:24 a.m. local time (4:24 a.m. EDT) on May 28, the Honduras tourism industry is operating as normal. The epicenter of the earthquake was 39 miles northeast of the island of Roatán - part of the country’s Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The earthquake had a shallow depth of 6.2 miles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The effects of this earthquake could be felt across the country, including in the coastal towns of La Ceiba and Tela, and in the large cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. A tsunami alert for Honduras, Guatemala and Belize was immediately issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, but was lifted within an hour.

“We are saddened for our fellow Hondurans that seven casualties have been reported at this time; however our tourism infrastructure remains intact and is operating as usual,” said Ricardo Martinez, Minister of Tourism for Honduras. “From a tourism infrastructure standpoint, we are fortunate that our initial assessments indicate we experienced minimal damages from the earthquake. For this reason, hotels and attractions are open for business.”

International and domestic air service is operating as scheduled. While no cruise lines were scheduled to arrive in Roatán today, those with port calls beginning Friday will operate as scheduled.

Honduras is located in the heart of Central America, encompassing over 43,000 square miles, making it about the size of Tennessee. It is only a short flight from the U.S.: two hours from Miami or less than three hours from Houston or Atlanta. Honduras features a 500-mile Caribbean coastline on its north and a 100-mile Pacific coastline on its south. It borders on the west with Guatemala, the southwest with El Salvador, and on the east with Nicaragua.

For more information, travelers can call 1-800-410-9608 or visit

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Galapagos - 7 Nights for the price of 5!

2009 marks the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth, the 150th anniversary of the Publication of "The Origin of Species" and is also the 50th anniversary of the founding of both the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Book now and get 7 nights for the price of 5 on our July 04th and July 18th departures!

A seven night cruise on the M/V ECLIPSE takes passengers to the most iconic sites in Galapagos and ensures maximum interaction with the extraordinary flora and fauna that the Islands have to offer.

For all upcoming summer family departures between June 13th and August 22nd guests benefit from:
Ø 50% children discount when travelling with children up to 16 years
Ø Free air tickets and park fees for couples or single travellers

On the special October 24th sailing passengers will enjoy unparalleled behind-the-scenes access to the Charles Darwin Research Station.  Given this extraordinary coincidence of so many landmark dates, we have tapped none other than Randal Keynes, Darwin's great, great grandson, to join us as a guest on board this special cruise.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Costa Rica travel deal

Take advantage of the unprecedented low travel prices!
For only $765 per person (double occupancy) visit the highlands and tropical rainforest coast of Costa Rica for 7 days. (Offer valid from May 1 to November 14, 2009)

Day 1: Arrival transfer 1 nt San Jose Hotel.
Day 2 & 3: 2 nt Tortuguero package.
Day 4 & 5: 2 nts Arenal Volcano area.
Day 6: 1 nt San Jose Hotel.
Day 7: Departure

§ Arrival meet & greet service
§ 6 nts lodging at selected Hotels
§ 7 Breakfasts, 3 Lunch, 2 Dinners
§ Boat transfers in and out of Tortuguero
§ Boat tours & entrance fee Tortuguero
National Park
§ Guided tour Arenal hanging bridges
§ All in country land transportation to selected areas

Friday, May 15, 2009

10% Off Patagonia Travel

Cruise the edge of South America on the Mare or Via Australis, at a 10% discount. Four night, itineraries depart from Punta Arena in Chile and three night, itineraries from Ushuaia in Argentina. The M/V Australis works perfectly for those looking to explore Patagonia. Tierra and Torres is a classic example of a comprehensive Patagonia Itinerary.
Look for the new boat M/V Stella from Australis planning to sail in the 2010-11 season.
Act quickly if you are planning to travel before the 22nd of December, 2009 as there are a limited number of allotments.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Honduras Haven

By far the best resort in Hondouras is in Roatan at Anthony's Key. Providing an additional incentive to visit, now is the time to "buy one [passenger] and get the second half off". This includes their dive, snorkel and leisure packages for seven nights. Book travel throughout 2009 by the 26th of June.

For as low as $442 per person be treated to
  • hotel accommodations
  • a dolphin beach encounter
  • tropical picnic at May Key otherwise known as Fins and Flippers
  • horseback riding
  • island fiesta
  • kayaking
  • entrance to the Roatan Museum
  • dolphin show presentation
  • welcome cocktail
  • and airport transfers
Dive and snorkel packages includes 3 meals daily as well as 2 or 3 dives or snorkels per day! 16% hotel tax is not included.

At Dolphin University kids from 5 - 14 may participate in "summer camp" which gives opportunities for interaction with dolphins, horseback riding, picnics, a visit to a bird park and so much more.

Contact Lost World for more info on travel to Honduras and Anthony's Key.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Belize island specials just in time for summer travel

Turneffe Island Resort is starting the summer off with a big splash. Not only have they been swimming with Whale Sharks they have also been fishing for $50,000. ESPN just recently completed filming on the island, for an upcoming show. They added a spa this year and it has been a huge hit. Now, even more relaxation in paradise.

Below are a list of current specials and dates that they are available at Turneffe Island Resort.

Turneffe Island Resort Summer Promotions – See Promotion Dates*

1. Family Pack Diving – Buy 3 - 7 Night dive packages and receive a free PADI course for your child. Child must be between 10 and 18 years old. PADI course offered is the Open Water Referral.
2. Buy 1 - 7 Night Dive package at regular price plus tax, receive 1 – 7 Night Dive Package for $300.00 plus tax.
3. Single Diving – We will waive the single supplement

1. Escape Pack - Buy 1 - 7 Night resort package at regular price plus tax, receive 1 – 7 Night Resort Package for $300.00 plus tax.
2. Single Resort – We will waive the single supplement.

1. Buy 1 - 7 Night fishing package at regular price plus tax, receive 1 – 7 Night Resort Package for $300.00 plus tax.
2. Single Anglers – We will waive the single supplement.

*Promotional rates are valid on the following weeks and are based on availability of space:

May 09, 2009 - May 16, 2009 - May 23, 2003 - May 30, 2009 – June 06, 2009 – June 13, 2009 – June 20, 2009 – June 27, 2009 – July 4, 2009 – July 11, 2009 – July 18, 2009 - August 01, 2009 – August 08, 2009 – August 15, 2009 – August 22, 2009 and September 05, 2009. Rates are not valid on previous booked reservations and bookings must be made before June 30, 2009.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First blog post

Yet another way for us to communicate to those looking to travel to South and Central America. 

Our newest offering is Nicaragua!  Garvey, our long-time expert on travel, went down last year so we could make sure to offer the best of what there is there. And boy there is a lot! Rainforest, cloudforest, lakes, adventure and pristine beaches to top it off. Our returning clients, The Fonsecas, gave the country, accommodations and tours top marks. 

The staff here looks forward to posting more information about travel info and destinations.

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