Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New & Improved M/V Galapagos Legend

It's a great pleasure for us to inform you about the improvements made to the vessel M/V Galapagos Legend:

Beds are larger and more comfortable with new linens.
New decoration of the main bar, Neptune Bar.
Window cabins with UV protection.
Maintenance of propeller machines.
General maintenance of outer and inner areas.
Maintenance of fire detector and extinguishing system, hot and cold water.
Upgrading the air conditioning system in Neptune bar and on Balcony cabins with manual controller per cabin.
Upgrading the audio system.
General maintenance of furnishings.
Maintenance of sailing and communication equipment.
Maintenance of hull, propellers, shafts and the ship's steering.
General maintenance of the dinghies and outboards.

Easter Island & Robinson Crusoe Island

Easter Island is one of those wonderful places where you can enjoy amazing culture with a breathtaking landscape - a triangle-shaped island with a volcano in each corner. Here you can find Polynesian charm combined with a Latin taste. Come and live a millenarian culture that keeps its traditions alive with sculpture, food, costumes and celebrations. You will be able to experience their lifestyle in person.

A five-hour flight from Santiago, Chile will take you to this paradise full of legends and mysteries for you to discover. Easter Island, known as Rapa Nui by the locals, receives many visitors during February when the celebration of Tapati is held. Tapati is a 2-week celebration during which competitors and more than 50 events take place to decide the winning clan of the island.

Robinson Crusoe Island is one of the three islands of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago. A two-hour flight from Santiago, Robinson Crusoe is an exclusive and off-the-beaten-path destination that was declared a National Park in 1935. A unique ecosystem where flowers, birds and insects found an untouched land, including hummingbirds that can only be found in this part of the world. Out of 146 native species of plants, 101 are endemic. Robinson Crusoe Island is so amazing and unique that UNESCO declared it a World Biosphere Reserve.

Lost World Adventures can arrange your trip to Easter Island and/or Robinson Crusoe Island.

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